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Jeffrey John Masino is the owner and Creative Director of Masino Media.

          With this production company I have worked with local businesses and universities in creating cutting edge and thought-provoking media for online and distribution.


           I am a storyteller. I assimilate information from a variety of sources, and I like to make unique connections that create something interesting and thought- provoking for the viewer. I am able to understand a person’s character and story and know how to tell their story to its fullest potential. I love to blur the line between entertainment and reality. The investigative journey into a story interests me. Finding the story behind the story.


            I have extensive knowledge and recall and retention ability of popular culture. This includes information regarding Movies, Music, Television, Sports, Politics, and News. I can recite facts about any actor, movie, dates, sports stats, etc. off the top of my head. I then can dive in deeper about more facts with quick research on the Internet. I know where to find the digital needle in the virtual haystack.  I can combine different topics that don’t normally go together and create something new and unique that is both humorous and thought-provoking.  


            One of my other strengths is my keen visual eye. Photography is a passion of mine. I’m always looking at life through the lens of a camera. Capturing those perfect little instances in every day life that go unnoticed. Whether it’s at a sporting event, family party, concert, or just a Saturday in Central Park, I encapsulate the pure essence of an individual moment. This also pertains to my ability to creatively shoot video. I have experience using all kinds of video cameras from small handhelds to shoulder-mounted broadcast cameras. The art of cinematography is another passion of mine.

            I am an improviser in all media. Whether it’s creating a two-minute novelty song on an acoustic guitar or juxtaposing two different elements on the fly to create something new and interesting, this kind of improvisation spills over into my ability to solve challenging problems. My experience working on a live daily news show honed these skills. On numerous occasions, we would have to throw out the rundown and go off script because of a breaking news story. I’ve also had to troubleshoot technical difficulties during a live broadcast.

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